PSD Disabilities Program serves children with special needs that are 0-5 years of age.

Happy beautiful child girl in sunglasses with raised arms against the sky

A child enrolled in Head Start with special needs will:

  • checkedBe taught to be more self-reliant
  • checkedDevelop positive, healthy self-concepts
  • checkedLearn to master new skills
  • checkedIncrease social skills
  • checkedPlan and learn in the classroom with children without special needs

If a parent/caretaker thinks their child may have a disability PSD will:

  • checkedProvide screenings based on a potential disability
  • checkedProvide parent with information on how to request formal evaluations from the Inland Regional Center for children ages 0-3 and the local school districts for ages 3-5
  • checkedHelp support the parent by explaining their rights under the law
  • checkedBased on the school district’s identification of their child’s needs, PSD will provide appropriate services in the Head Start program

For ages 3-5, referrals will be made to the following agencies: