Although school readiness is clearly essential, we believe that the family and community are the most fundamental influences in the lives of children. Aside from educational needs, children also need supportive home environments combined with safe and stable communities to meet their maximum potential. In short, if you strengthen families and communities, you automatically improve the lives of children.

To this end, our program offers comprehensive child development and family services to all enrolled children and families. We incorporate state health, nutritional, and psychological services with school readiness because these services strengthen the child’s capability to participate successfully in school.

Additionally, we strive to empower families by providing access to services and resources responsive to their needs, including:

  • checkedOpportunities for continuing education
  • checkedEmployment training and job placement services
  • checkedEmergency or crisis assistance in areas such as food, housing, clothing, and transportation
  • checkedAppropriate interventions, including participation in counseling and/or information on mental health issues that place families at risk, such as substance abuse, child abuse and neglect, and domestic violence.