The Power of Preschool is important because research shows that during their school years and beyond, children who attend quality preschool:

  • checkedAre less likely to be placed in special education or held back a grade
  • checkedExhibit more positive classroom behaviors and perform better on standardized math and reading tests
  • checkedAre more likely to graduate from high school and continue their education
  • checkedEarn more money and are less likely to go on welfare
  • checkedAre less likely to become involved in crime

Fight Crime: Invest in Kids California, a bi-partisan, nonprofit, anti-crime organization led by more than 400 sheriffs, police chiefs, district attorneys and violence survivors, issued a report entitled “Pay Now or Pay Much More Later” in 2012. The report states there is solid evidence that preschool education is an effective way to get kids on the right path to avoid costly problems later.